Blue skies have returned.

Typhoons are finished (we hope!).

Serious racing starts.


I neglected to mention a great result in September: Takeshi Koide completed the UTMB (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc) 100 mile (167km) race in 44:16!!


  • The 1st of the month saw the running of the Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon in Sendai. Eiichiro Kamikawa set a new PB in 2:38:04. Tomohiro Nezu and Colin Hickey also took part. Another marathon took place in Matsumoto, with four Nambanners: Yuichi Kanamori 3:14, Nick Coyle 3:38, Padraig MacColgain 3:42 and Yuri Kambara 3:47 (recovering from injury).
  • Also on the 1st, Yuki Fukushima, coming off seven fast 1.2k legs in an ekiden the day before, but somehow with fresh legs, ran 4:27 for 1500m at a meet in Komazawa Park. Sumie Kawakami ran a small Half Marathon along the Tamagawa, and had an enjoyable run, finishing in 1:52:16. And Daigo Asada was across the world in Sweden, running the TCS Lidingoloppet 30K cross-country race, making it around the course in 2:31:51.
  • There were two 30K races on Saturday the 7th, for some reason, both along rivers. Matt Holmes ran 2:40 in the Tokyo 30K along the Arakawa and Yumi Kato challenged the 30K div. of the Tama Half Marathon, placing 1st AG and 2nd overall – great!
  • A nice 10K race was held on the 8th: Nagareyama in Chiba. Namban runners were David Abbott 38:31, Bob Poulson 42:05 (1st in age group), Rie Onodera 43:30, Yoshie Niitsuma 51:00 and Simon Jelfs
  • On the 22nd, 16 people went to the Koshu Fruit Marathon, up in, yes, Koshu! where they enjoyed a nice dinner the night before and then unfortunately a very wet race.
  • The same day, Yuri Kambara ran a Half Marathon at the Karuizawa Resort Marathon, placing 4th among all women with a 1:44:16 in the rain.
  • In European news, Yuki Fukushima ran the Venice Marathon in 3:15:48 and Yukiko Shimada ran the hilly and windy Lausanne Half in 1:47:47.
  • The Yokohama Marathon was supposed to be run on the 29th but was canceled due to a typhoon, disappointing eight Nambanners.
  • However, the Teganuma Eco Half Marathon (and many other races) was run. Eric Lebrasseur was there and finished in 1:24:29. The Mito Marathon also, where Raymond Wong recorded 3:43:42. And five Nambanners went up to Kanazawa for the Kanazawa Marathon: Bob Johnston 3:21, Gareth Evens 3:22:46 (PB!), Nick Coyle 3:27, Mike and Yuka Rayner both 3:46. AND the Toyama Marathon, where Rika Homma ran a great 3:27:49.
  • 5000m time trial results


    At Oda Field track near Yoyogi Park from 730pm.
  • 1 - 1000 x 6
  • 8 - 1200 x 2, 1000 x 2, 800 x 2
  • 15 - 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
  • 22 - 1000 x 4, 800 x 2, 400
  • 29 - 5000m time trial