December so soon?

Yearly goals unfulfilled, but…

There’s always next year.


    At Oda Field track near Yoyogi Park from 730pm.
  • 6 — 1000 x 6
  • 13 — 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
  • 20 — 400, 1600, 1000 x 2, 800 x 2, 400
  • 27 — 5000m time trial


  • We start the month’s results with a great run by Gretchen Andrew at the Jimba-san Trail Race, an extremely mountainous Half where she ran 2:36:35 for 1st in her age group and 2nd woman overall. Husband Chris was ahead of her in 2:24:05.
  • The Saitama Marathon was on the 12th, where Yuki Fukushima ran 2:54:24, David Abbott 3:08, Rika Homma 3:33:44 (with a bad blister) and Yoshie Niitsuma 4:17:15. Tim Barnstable was also there.
  • At the Setagaya 246 Half Marathon, Emmanuel Obser‘s training paid off with a 1:26:49, a PB by 49 seconds. Satohi Numasawa also participated, finishing in 1:43:22.
  • Roselle Kingsbury ran the small Kokyo Half Marathon and set a new women’s record with a 1:44:49.
  • On the 18th Alan Cannon, Derek Leong, Andy Drought and Faith Geraghty were at the Imperial Palace for the Human Rights Now charity run.
  • The Toda Half and 10K took place on the 19th. Results were: Mike Hegarty 1:18 – 8th AG, Tom Sullivan 1:35, Bob Poulson 1:36:08 – 8th AG, Charlie Cook 1:39, Sarah Morgan 1:42:44 - 10th AG, Emma Reilly 1:43:35 – 12th AG. 10K: Jay Johannesen 37:14 2nd AG, Eric Lebrasseur 38:14 (PB) 9th AG, Yuki Seshimo 48:00, Taeko Hara 53:00.
  • Rika Homma was at the Utsunomiya Half Marathon, where she ran another PB of 1:38:29 which placed her as 4th woman. Meanwhile, Rui Natsuka was in Chiba for the Sanma (saury) Half Marathon, which she completed in 1:44:30.
  • The first of four big marathons in three days was Otawara on the 23rd, where it was rainy and cold at the start. Yuichi Kanamori 3:16:23, Bob Johnston 3:21:48, Nick Coyle 3:24:26, Taro Oguchi 3:25:26, Yuri Kambara 3:33:43, Rie Onodera 3:40:25, Patrick MacColgain 3:52:10, Yasuo Hayakawa 3:57:43 and Terry Minegishi. Also in the 10K: Taeko Katano 44:00 (2nd), Taeko Hara 52:00 (6th).
  • The huge Osaka Marathon was one of three on the 26th. Eiichiro Kamikawa 2:34:35, David Abbott 2:54 (PB), Steve Karnas 3:03, Mark Shrosbee 3:10, David Rubenstein 3:29, Faith Geraghty 3:33, Max Streeter 3:44, Daniele Cason 3:48, Yuko Takamori 3:56, Mariano Lima, and Emily Furuichi.
  • The second was the Tsukuba Marathon. Renaud Isman went under 3 hours with a 2:57:07. Harrisson Uk 2:55:57 (as a training run!), Eric Lebrasseur 2:59:38, Daigo Asada 3:05:31 (big PB!), Raymond Wong 3:09:44, Rika Homma 3:21:08 (another PB!), Rui Natsuka 3:40:18, Matt Holmes 3:43:23, Katsu Kinoshita 3:43:30, SeungGi Hong 4:19:11, Don Roxburgh, Phil Ryan, Ayano Onodera. Yuki Seshimo 10K 46:33.
  • The third was the Mt. Fuji Marathon, where Andrew Farmer ran 4:45.
  • And at the Meguro City run, Yuki Fukushima ran a 10K PB of 35:06.
  • 5000m time trial results