Another snowfall.
So lovely, so slippery.
Your dream, my nightmare.


    At Oda Field track near Yoyogi Park from 730pm.
  • 7 — 1000 x 6
  • 14 — A: 2000 x 3, B: 2000 x 2, 1200
  • 21 — 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
  • 28 — 5000m time trial


  • Rika Homma started the year off right on the 7th with a first place in her age group at a 10K race in Shibamata. Her time was 44:27. On the same day Nick Coyle, Hiroki Waki and Ken Pechter represented Namban Rengo at the Maystorm Ekiden around the Imperial Palace, coming in 13th out of 30 teams.
  • Rika Homma was back at it on the 14th, this time at the Ibusuki Nananohana Marathon in Kagoshima, where she ran 3:28:11 on a hilly course. Katsunori Kinoshita was also there and finished in 3:51:28.
  • On the Yokota Air Base, Masaki Kusonoki ran the Frostbite Half Marathon, setting a PB with a good run of 1:20:17.
  • The Chiba Marine Half Marathon was held out in the Makuhari area on the 21st. Nambanners who participated were Rika Homma (of course), Roselle Kingsbury, Yumiko Kato, Satoshi Hashimoto, Quint Oga-Baldwin, Ken Pechter, Yasuo Hayakawa, Charles Boisson (PB) and Pat Higase
  • On the same day was the always popular Shibuya Ekiden, even more popular this year with 48 Namban runners participating. The men’s A team finished 4th and the B team 6th out of 143 teams. The women’s A team was 6th out of 25 and the Master’s A team was 4th out of 72.
  • Also the Akabane Half, where Sumie Kawakami ran 1:49.
  • Several races on the 28th, starting with the Katsuta Marathon where three guys went sub-3: Francesco Frova 2:50:57, Eric Lebrasseur 2:59:07 and Don Roxburgh 2:59:22.
  • Several runners braved the very hilly Tateyama Wakashio Marathon: David Abbott, Terry Minegishi, Nick Coyle 3:27:26, Hang Yu 3:34:26, Yosuke Kimura 3:22:16, and Sumie Kawakami 4:11.
  • At the Shinjuku Half Marathon, Yuki Fukushima set a PB with 1:17:44 and Rika Homma set a PB with 1:37:12. Also running were Faith Geraghty (1st AG), Rie Onodera (41:56, 6th Rikuren woman), Max Streeter (39:39, 16th 10K AG, PB), Shinobu (PB), Taeko Hara (1st AG). Impressive results!
  • 5000m time trial results