MARCH 2018


Don’t know about you,
But this season really puts
More spring in my step.


    At Oda Field track near Yoyogi Park from 730pm.
  • 4 — 1000 x 6
  • 11 — 2000, 1600, 1200, 800, 400
  • 18 — 1000 x 3, 800 x 3, 400
  • 25 — 5000m time trial


  • Warm weather (18°) greeted runners at the Shizuoka Marathon on the 4th. Max Streeter ran a PB of 3:17:21. Nick Coyle, Bob Johnston, Gareth Evans also ran.
  • Also on the 4th, Andrew Farmer ran a 1:42:49 Half at the Chiba Kenmin Marathon, 5 minutes faster than 3 years ago. And at the Ichikawa Gaikan Half, Amol Bansode recorded a nice 1:44:22 PB.
  • On Saturday the 10th, Kazuo Chiba convinced Yasuo Hayakawa, Hiroshi Sase, Taeko Katano, Yuko Takamuki and Yukari Oimatsu to go up to Urawa, Saitama for the Urawa Race Course Relay. Yes, it was run on a horse racing track. We’re sure they had fun.
  • The biggest women’s marathon in the world was held of the 11th: the Nagoya Women’s Marathon. Rika Homma went sub-3:20 with a 3:18:12, and Yuri Kambara finished
  • Another marathon that day was the Koga Hanamono, where in perfect weather Harrisson Uk set a PB of 2:42:31 , Eric Lebrasseur also set a PB of 2:57:26, Derek Leong ran 3:08 off one week training, Yosuke Kimura set a 6-minute PB of 3:09:54 and Mika Tokairin had a successful training run with a 3:47:36. Yuki Seshimo ran the 10K in 48:00 off little training.
  • Also on the 11th was the warm Oyama Tozan (mountain climb). Mike Trees was 5th in his AG, while Tom Boatman finished in a PW 1:08; the Katsushika Half, where Rui Natsuka ran 1:55:54; and the Sakuragawa 10K, where Yoann Potiron ran a PB of 37:38. He had run 40:56 (hilly course) and 38:57 last month, so he’s improving a lot!
  • Yasuo Hayakawa ran the Itabashi Marathon and set a PB of 3:36:56 (at age 58!). Katsu Kinoshita was behind him in 3:58:55 (sore hip).
  • Ryudo Tsukizaki traveled to Los Angeles for the LA Marathon and ran an excellent 2:45, only 3 weeks after the Tokyo Marathon.
  • A team of nine Namban runners (including Morioka-san from Hokkaido) participated in the 6-hour Iikoto Relay Marathon In Kawasaki on the 18th. A good time was had by all!
  • Not a race, but a nice event on the 18th was a free running clinic given by Olympic marathoner Mara Yamauchi. About 22 club members attended and learned some good dynamic stretching, running drills and hill and sprint workouts. Beven Colless of Tokyo Physio was also there to give advice about injury prevention.
  • On the 25th, Hang Yu completed the Sakura Asahi Marathon in 3:46. Yoann Potiron WON the low-key Sports no Mori 10K in 39 mins and Rika Homma ran the Nerima Kobushi Half Marathon in 1:37:10.
  • 5000m time trial results