APRIL 2018


New Balance, Nike.
Asics, Adidas, Hoka.
On. And on and on.


    At Oda Field track near Yoyogi Park from 730pm.
  • 2 — 1000 x 6
  • 9 — 1200 x 2, 1000 x 2, 800 x 2
  • 16 — 1000 x 3, 800 x 3, 400
  • 23 — 2000, 1600, 1200, 800, 400
  • 30 — 5000m time trial


  • April is a busy month for racing. First, the Ome Takamizu Trail 15K, where Alan Cannon ran 1:31:04 (13th AG). Tony Collins ran the 30K and Roger Berman the 15K.
  • Eric Lebrasseur had a good race at the Hasetsune 30K, finishing in 3:23:13 (61st).
  • Four club members went to the small but good Yokohama Road Race on the 8th. Bob Poulson and Roselle Kingsbury ran the 20K race, timing 1:34:33 and 1:41:57 (1st AG). Mark Shrosbree and Youri Lavoine ran the 12K, in 46:43 and 52:52. Shosaku Yamada also ran the 12K.
  • And in Kawasaki, Kazuo Chiba, Chika Kanai, Rika Homma and Robin Kietlinski (from NYC) were at the Paracup Charity Race.
  • Shohei Nemoto was in Guam for the United Airlines Guam Marathon, where he came in 11th out of 788 in the Half, running 1:34:09. Well done!
  • Still on the 8th, Mika Tokairin ran the Paris Marathon in 4:02:14 on a very warm day. She enjoyed Paris with Mary Eckstein and Jayne Maddock.
  • Nambanners at the popular Nagano Marathon were: Yuichi Kanamori 3:17:45, Padraig MacColgain 3:52:26, Yasuo Hayakawa 3:40:56, Charlie Cook, Kiran Thomas and Marcus Kosins.
  • And at the Kasumigaura Marathon: Raymond Wong 3:24, Katsu Kinoshita 3:51:09, Rui Natsuka 4:10:23, and Nguyen Kien Quoc.
  • Overseas, at the Brighton Marathon, Tim Williams ran 3:13:33, a PB by 8 minutes! – and in Oz, Kylie Breeze ran 3:45 at the Australian Running Festival.
  • At the Akabane Half Marathon on the 14th, Scott Sugino ran his first sub-1:45 – well done! Jesper Edman also took part.
  • Following Yuki Kawauchi to his fantastic victory at the freezing Boston Marathon on the 16th were Yuki Fukushima in 3:26:01 and Rika Homma in 3:33:04.
  • In Singapore, Stuart McIntosh did the East Coast Parkrun 5K on the 21st and set a PB of 18:29. Congrats!
  • Sunday the 22nd was hot (26°C), but Harrisson Uk and Chika Kanai fought their way through it to 4th place and 2nd place finishes at the Fuji 3 Lakes 71K in 5:44:50 and 6:34:08 — sensational! Yuri Kambara ran it in 8:13 and Max Streeter finished in 8:49 (with a 1 hour break). At the same time, Eric Lebrasseur was running the Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase Trial Race (30K, 1500m ascent) in 3:09:30 (5th AG), and over in Hanno, Yoann Potiron ran the Naguri Trail race 7.8 div. in 56:40, coming in 6th and Amol Bansode ran the 25.7 div. (1900m climbing).
  • On the 30th, Dennis Büchner ran the Hamburg Marathon is a big PB of 2:55:50. Only his second marathon!
  • Another great result by Rie Onodera and Taras Koochin in the UTMF (Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji). 170km with 8,000m ascent in 45h 26m 20s and 41h 57m 53s. That’s right 45 hours! Truly amazing. Namban Rengo is proud of both of you. In the 92km race (only 92km!) Nathalie Darbon finished in 17:24 and Satohi Numasawa retired at 60km in 12:23.
  • 5000m time trial results