Dusk brings a slight chill.
But the sun still warms our runs.
Long-awaited Fall.


  • Namban Rengo was represented by four ultra-fit ultra runners at the Hakusan Shirakawago Ultra Marathon. The course goes 1,445m up a mountain and the temperature got up to 28C. Yuri Kambara PLACED FIRST (Yuri is back!) in the women’s 70K race in 6:46:58. Harrisson Uk was 4th in the men’s 70K in 5:29:51, just 10 seconds behind 3rd, and he got stopped by traffic lights. Derek Leong was 12th in the men’s 70K in 6:46:55, with a sore achilles! Yuichi Kanamori challenged the 100K race and finished in a great 9:49:57 (sub-10:00!) in 29th place. There were 800 in the 70K, 1,500 in the 100K!
  • Another long trail race on the 10th: the Togakushi 50K. Max Streeter ran 7:14:29 for 13th AG and 37th overall. Also running were Faith Geraghty, Alex Marivoet and Satohi Numasawa.
  • The Tazawako Marathon on the 17th had a large Namban contingent. Nick Coyle ran the marathon in 3:52:10. Alan Cannon ran the 20K in 1:23:15, Jay Johannesen made the 20K AG podium and Taeko Hara made the 10K AG podium. Also running were Andy Drought, Terry Minegishi, Bob Johnston, Mike Rayner, Yuka Rayner, Mika Kume and Naoko Hanakawa
  • September 23rd saw a new addition to the Tokyo race calendar, the Ireland Funds Charity 5K, held in Yoyogi Park. Padraig MacColgain, Paddy O’Connor and a number of other Nambanners turned out to support a good cause.
  • The Shinshu Half Marathon was held on the 24th. Enjoying the trip to the race organized by Gary and Mami Chandler were Shohei Nemoto, Faith Geraghty, Roselle Kingsbury, Yoshiro Hikima, Chika Kanai and Taeko Hara.
  • On the 24th, Dennis B├╝chner completed the third of three races in Hella Laufcup series in Germany. The races were 10 miles on the 3rd (1:03:37PB), 10K on the 10th (38:07 PB) and Half on the 24th (1:26:27). He placed 8th, 9th and 8th among the series runners, for an overall 7th place in the series. Congratulations!
  • Three(!) Nambanners traveled to Germany for the big Berlin Marathon on the 25th. Finishing just slightly behind Eliud Kipchoge were Marie Gras 3:00:33 - Great but wanted those 34 seconds! Brent Milligan ran 3:13 and Mary Eckstein 4:51 with a nice massage at 30K.
  • Also on the 25th, Rika Homma was at the Abashiri Marathon in Hokkaido, where she recorded a 3:35:04 and was 2nd in her age group!
  • Finally, Saturday the 30th saw 24 club members participate in the Yell Run, a charity ekiden for the Special Olympics held in Odaiba. Our A team came in 1st and a great time was had by all.
  • 5000m time trial


    At Oda Field track near Harajuku.
  • 4 - 1000 x 6
  • 11 - 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
  • 18 - 400, 1600, 1000 x 2, 800 x 2,400
  • 25 - 5000m time trial