• First we have some results from last month. On Sept. 20th, Dennis Schulz ran the Hamburg HEK Half Marathon in nice late summer conditions, finishing in 1:29:37. Alan Cannon also did a Half, on the 28th in Yuzawa, recording a 1:30:18 for 17th out of 435 in his age group.


  • Namban’s triathletes were up in Niigata for the Murakami Triathlon (Olympic distance) on the 5th. The group included Motozo Rubenstein, Brett Whiteoak, Jay Johannesen, Danai Kuangparichat, Mika Tokairin and Meeks Kume. Motozo copped a 3rd in his age group in 2:17:31. Brett and Mika also finished 3rd in their respective age group
  • On the 12th, Aki Hoshino ran the Echigo Kubikino Ultra Footrace in Niigata, covering 60km in 5:53:44 for 3rd in her age group and 4th overall. And it was a hot 27C!
  • Chika Kanai, who likes to race overseas, traveled to Munich for the Munich Half Marathon on the 12th. She had a great time staying with Joachim and Christiane and also enjoyed the race, finishing in 1:40:01, 9th in her age group.
  • Bob Poulson took part in the Nagareyama 10K in Chiba on the 13th, finishing in 38:51 for 3rd in his age group out of 368 and 157th overall out of about 3,600.
  • Yuichi Kanamori and Anthony Kraft were in Nagano on the 19th for the Omachi Marathon, which Yuichi ran in an excellent 3:11:34 and Anthony in 3:52, on a very tough up/down course.
  • 13 Nambanners joined 14,000 other runners in the Turtle Half Marathon on the 19th, which I believe was on the Arakawa. Fabian Dubois and Raymond Wong finished together in 1:27:49.
  • Also on the 19th, another 13 club members went up to Yamanashi pref. for the Koshu Fruit and Wine Marathon. They were led by Harrisson Uk and Derek Leong in the 23K race, who came in 13th in 1:55:20 and 21st in 2:03:45, and by Carolyn Kim, who was 2nd woman in the Half in 1:30:53. For more details, see the article to the right.
  • Yasuo Hayakawa ran in the big Osaka Marathon on the 26th, doing his best to finish on a hot day (many did not), which he did in 3:55.
  • Raymond Wong participated in the Teganuma Half Marathon on the 26th, running an evenly paced 1:25:45.
  • And of course, the fabulous Namban 10K, Half and BBQ was held to great success on the 26th, story to the right.


Wednesday night workouts are at Oda Field track from 7:30pm.

  • 5 - 1000 x 6
  • 12 - 1600, 1000 x 3, 800, 400
  • 19 - 1200 800 1200 800 1200 800
  • 26 - 5000m time trial


Five-thirty pm.

Darkness already descends.

Running in moonlight.