• October 4th saw Yasuo Hayakawa doing some nature trail running in Naeba. Running a half marathon up 900m, he finished in 1:59:39, good for 7th place in his age group and 18th overall.
  • Jay Johannesen and David Rubenstein were in Korea on the 4th for the Korea Half Ironman. Jay did great, finishing in 5:11:37, good for 2nd in his AG and qualifying him for the World Championships!
  • Six Nambanners were out in Chiba-ken on the 11th for the Nagareyama 10K – good course, cool but humid weather. Results were: Gildas Tuffin 37:23, Yuichi Kanamori 38:47 (first 10K race!), Derek Leong 39:13, Bob Poulson 39:46 (3rd AG), Rie Onodera 41:00 (4th AG), Yoshie Niitsuma 50:40.
  • And over across the pond, four club members took on the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. Brent Millican ran a nice PB of 3:05:08 (he gets faster as he gets older), along with Yukiko Shimada in 3:41:05 (PB by 7 minutes), Marcus Kosins in 3:55:11 and Pat Higase in 4:18. It was a hot day, so those times are very good.
  • Moving on to the 18th, where lots of our runners traveled to Yamanashi for the Koshu Fruit Marathon: Steve Karnas, Stan Chow, Kazuo Chiba, Teruyuki Minegishi, Ken Pechter, Mike Rayner, Chika Kanai (2nd female), Yuka Rayner, Mika Kume, Geraldine Nogami, Naoko Hanakawa, Meg Rubenstein, Allessandra Ciampi, Yukari Oimatsu and Tomoko Oda.
  • Also that day: Yasuo Hayakawa ran the Katsunuma Half Marathon in 1:50:27. 18 people ran the Turtle Marathon Half and 10K, too many to list, but I’m sure they all did their best. Derek Leong went back to Ichikawamisato in Yamanashi for a 34k trail race where he was 30th in his AG. Rie Onodera won the Gorman Cup 10K in Minami Aizu in Fukushima; Hiroshi Sase was 6th in his AG. And…busy day…Yuichi Kanamori (3:35:44) and Keiko Ando (4:26:36) were in Nagano-ken for the hot and hilly Oimachi Marathon.
  • Kei Takahashi and Yoshiro Morioka went 12K in the Toyosu Marathon on the 24th. Kei timed 57:39 and Yoshiro 52:02.
  • And finally, way over in Ireland — the Dublin Marathon, starring Jon Morrell in 2:58:39 (Congratulations!), Chika Kanai 3:24:24, Padraig MacColgain 3:27:06, Yuka Morrell 3:40:47 (Excellent!) and James Midgely 3:59:01.


Wednesday evenings in Yoyogi Park. Meet at the kiosk 100m inside Harajuku entrance at 7:30.

  • 4 — 1000 x 5, 500, 500
  • 11 — 2000 x 2, 1000, 500, 500
  • 18 — 2000, 1000 x 3, 500, 500
  • 25 — 5,000m time trial


Halloween screams by
Temp turns down, collars turn up
Good running weather!