Lots of marathons and other races in November, starting with:

  • The Toyama Marathon on the 1st. Nine Nambanners made the trip up to Toyama for what turned out to be a very nice race. Steve Karnas led the way with a 2:58:46, achieving his sub-3 goal. Others were Derek Leong 3:38 (pacer), Naoko Hanakawa 3:49:05 (PB!), Bob Johnston 3:53:21 (with partially mended broken collarbone), Nick Coyle 3:55:14, Mika Kume 3:55:17, Yuichi Kanamori, Gareth Evans and Sumie Kawakami.
  • Martin Verdier took on the challenge of the Hasestune Cup 71km, one of Japan’s classic trail races, finishing in 11:19:10, good for 240th place.
  • Namban Rengo’s annual 10K/Half and BBQ was held on the 8th along the banks of the Tamagawa. Light rain did not keep about 100 people from enjoying a nice run followed by much food and drink. 10K winners were Alex Viborg (35:49) and Rui Natsuka (45:55), while Half honors went to Harrisson Uk (1:20:16) and Connie Bouverot (1:27:12).
  • Also on the 8th, Satohi Numasawa ran the Setagaya 246 Half Marathon, finishing in 1:33:02. She was 13th place in the Rikuren women’s division, earning an entry as a semi-elite runner in the 2016 Tokyo Marathon.
  • On the 15th, Rie Onodera ran the Saitama Marathon in 3:18:29 and Nick Coyle, who is possibly running too many races, struggled to a 4:12:16 in the Kobe Marathon – but finished! And Mike Kume led a group of runners up to the always popular Koshu Fruits & Wine (mostly wine) Marathon.
  • At the big Tsukuba Marathon on the 22nd, Raymond Wong ran 3:31:09, Tim Williams 3:35, Nick Coyle (!) 3:57:15 and Kei Takahashi 3:58:08 (nice sub-4:00!). Gildas Tuffin also ran it.
  • On the following day, a large group was up in Tochigi for the Ohtawara Marathon and 10K. Nine ran the full and 10 ran the 10K. Outstanding performances were made by Yuichi Kanamori 3:15:12, Padraig MacColgain 3:16:40 (5 mins. PB), Bob Johnston 3:40:05 (9 mins. PB), Mike Trees 34:05 (3rd in 40-59 div), David Sweeney 34:58 (6th in 40-59), Chris Winter 35:34 and Naoko Hanakawa 45:47 (4th AG). And Mika Kume ran a perfect 4:00:00.
  • The popular Run for the Cure Charity 5K and 10K took place around the Imperial Palace on the 28th. 22 club members were there to support a good cause and, by the way, win some nice prizes. In the 10K: Alex Viborg (1st), Connie Bouverot (1st) and Meg Rubenstein (3rd). In the 5K: Emma Wingfield-Hayes (1st),Mike Trees (2nd), Derek Leong (3rd).
  • Racing continued on the 28th with the Nikko Highway Half Marathon, where Bob Johnston ran 1:37:53, the Kawagoe Half Marathon, where Chika Kanai ran a new PB of 1:31:36 (3rd AG, 6th overall), and the Eco 10K, where Jenene Marks marked a 40:08.
  • Marathon month ended with the Mt. Fuji Marathon on the 29th, where Kota Torii (4:20:02), Emi Do (4:40), Yukiko Kanazwa (4:02:16) and Tony Fujii (5:20) enjoyed good weather with nice views of the big peak.


Wednesday nights in Yoyogi Park. Meet at the kiosk 100m inside park entrance near Harajuku station at 7:30pm.

  • 2 - 1000 x 6
  • 9 - 2000, 1000 x 3, 500, 500
  • 16 - 2000 x 2, 1000, 500, 500
  • 23 - 1000 x 5, 500, 500
  • 30 - 5,000m time trial


Year end, looking back,
You can smile and say, “I’m proud
To be a runner.”