Marathon season is upon us, in fact, this could be called Marathon Month

  • But we start with the La France Half Marathon in Yamagata pref. on the 5th, where Yuri Kambara 1:49:30.
  • The 6th was the date of the highly anticipated Namban Rengo 10K/Half and BBQ, which you can read about to the right.
  • At the Asia Pacific Corporate Games full marathon relay 1st place in 2:37:41 went to a team that included Yoshiro Morioka, Yumi Kato and Mami Hashimoto.
  • In Kanagawa pref., the Tengu no Michi 10K was a good race for Chika Kanai, who won the women’s race! Alan Cannon and Derek Leong were also there.
  • And finally, the 6th was also the day of the New York Marathon, which saw four Nambanners take part: Steve Karnas 3:09, Miho Iwasawa 4:26:17 (with a bad hip), Mika Kume 4:26:54, and Tamami Holmes.
  • Next up on the 13th was the Saitama Marathon, where ace runner Tomoaki Uchida sped to a 2:42:16. He said that the Namban 10K with a headwind the last 5K greatly helped his pre-race training. Daigo Asada 3:26:26, Tomohiro Nezu 3:41, Yuichi Kanamori and Taro Oguchi also took part.
  • At the Setagaya Half, Satohi Numasawa recorded a 1:34:51.
  • And Neil Macey was at the International Friendly Run Half, where he ran an excellent 1:19:55, placing 3rd.
  • One week later was the Tsukuba Marathon, where Marie Gras ran a one-minute PB in 3:06. Also running were Eric Lebrasseur 3:01:39, Yosuke Kimura 3:17:13, Yuichi Kanamori 3:23:39, Rie Onodera 3:26:10, Satohi Numasawa 3:31:15, Stuart Brady 3:51:42, Katsu Kinoshita 3:53:02, Yannick Bethegnies and Don Roxburgh plus Gareth Evans in the 10K.
  • Bob Johnston traveled to Kobe for the Kobe Marathon, where he struggled to a 3:31.
  • The same day saw the Toda Half Marathon, with Nambanners Mike Hegarty 1:19:58, George Nicholson 1:21:40 and Bob Poulson 1:33:52. Taeko Hara ran the 10K. Chika Kanai and Colin Hickey were on hand to cheer. Also the Utsunomiya Half Marathon: Rika Homma 1:45:20 and the Choshi Peninsula Half Marathon: Rui Natsuka 1:48:08.
  • On the 23rd quite a few club members were in Tochigi for the Ohtawara Marathon. The second half was uphill and windy, but good times were recorded by Gildas Tuffin 2:59:01 (congratulations!), Khalfan Juma 3:06:39, Padraig MacColgain 3:24:48, Derek Leong 3:25:15, Chika Kanai 3:28:12, Terry Minegishi 3:28:26, Nick Coyle 3:51:10, Rui Natsuka 3:51:35, Yukari Murahara 3:53:58, Mika Kume 3:56:55 and Yukiko Kanazawa 3:57, as well as Yasuo Hayakawa, Bernard Plagge and Gareth Evans.
  • Tomohiro Nezu ran a Half at Fuchu Tamagawa in 1:28:28, as did Rie Onodera in 1:36:50, placing 20th woman.
  • 11 club members turned out on the 26th to run around the Imperial Palace in support of The Run for the Cure.
  • Another marathon took place on the 27th: the Fujisan Marathon. Tim Williams and Rieko Trees battled to the finish in 3:27:15 and 3:27:50, while Paul Redbourne finished in 3:38.
  • Also on the 27th, Yuki Fukushima ran the Meguro 10K in 36:26, good for 20th place, and Yuka Rayner ran the Koto Seaside Half Marathon in 1:39—only her second Half.
  • And in Italy, Stefano Coradeschi ran to a PB in the Firenze (Florence for you Americans) Marathon in 3:33 – well done!


Wednesday nights in Yoyogi Park. Meet at the kiosk 100m inside park entrance near Harajuku station at 7:15pm.

  • 7 - 1000 x 6
  • 14 - 2000, 1000 x 3, 500 x 2
  • 21 - 1000 x 5, 500 x 2
  • 28 - 5,000m time trial at Yoyogi park - NOT the Yumenoshima Track


Fast times and PBs
Are nice, but best is the joy
Of running with friends.