Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Highlights for the month…

• Eighty-four people attended the bonenkai (year-end party) in the British Embassy, made possible by Jaynie. Club captain Bob presented awards to the best runners of the year (Jay and Yoshiko) and most improved runners of the year (Padraig and Meg). Bob awarded Terry and Chika with the most unusual race destination (Pittsburg Marathon) and recognized Chiba-san, the website committee, and everyone who organized races, trips and other events for services to the club.
• Namban Rengo participated in the Okutama Ekiden on December 5th. Two men’s teams of six members per team and three women’s teams of three members per team . The men’s teams finished 49th and 59th out of 108 teams, and the women finished 25th, 35th and 41st out of 49 teams. With the tough running in beautiful rural Okutama followed by sushi and beer afterwards, a good time was had by all!
• A group of 14 Nambanners enjoyed warm weather and a flat course in running the Yokohama Half Marathon on the 5th.
• Tamami ran 1:44:28, a PB, finishing as the 26th woman in the Itabashi Half Marathon, also on the 5th.
• Stan and Reza went all the way to Mexico to participate in the Cozumel Ironman. By all accounts they enjoyed this event immensely, despite having to swim 3200m, ride 180km and then run a full marathon!
• We held our 5,000m time trial on the 29th. Our first run in Yoyogi Park, where we will be on Wednesday nights for the next 3 to 4 months while the track at Oda Field is being re-surfaced. Fifteen people ran over the inner loop course perfectly measured and marked by Gareth.


Key events to mark in your diary:

• 5 (Wed)  Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 1000m x 6.
• 9 (Sun) 30km run starting from Hanakoganei station at 10:00. Trip to the nearby onsen afterwards.
• 12 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 3000m, 2000m, 1000m.
• 16 (Sun) Shibuya Ekiden and Yokota Frostbite Half Marathon. At least 13 Nambanners are registered.
• 19 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 2000m, 1000m, 2000m, 1000m.
• 23 (Sun) Chiba Marine Half Marathon.
• 26 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 5000m time trial.


Freezing winter winds
White frost on the morning ground
Runners rise and run