• Namban Rengo said Sayonara to Yuka on the 8th with a final Palace run. 15 people joined the run and lunch afterwards. Yuka left the next day to join Jon in Shanghai.
• Nine people had fun doing a 30k run along the Tamako cycling path, and relaxing afterwards in the Hanakoganei Ofuro no Osama onsen.
• The club field fielded five teams at the Shibuya Ekiden.  Held on the 16th in Yoyogi Park, it saw teams of four people running 2.8km each. See the front page news for more details.
• A group of 13 Nambanners fought the wind at the Frostbite Half Marathon on Yokota Base. Despite the conditions, reports indicated general happiness with the race and several good performances. Most outstanding were Yoshiko, who won the Women’s 50 and Over in 1:31:25 (out of 270) and was 14th woman out of 1,373, and Caroline, who was 5th in the Under 29s in 1:42:37 and 110th overall.
• Five club members took part in the Calfman Duathlon in Shinrin Koen in Saitama. The event consisted of a 4k run, 31.5k bike and 5.03km run (why .03, we wonder?). The group was led by Keren, who won the Men’s 50s in 1:34:22 and was 37th overall. Also notable was Kimm’s return to racing in 1:33!! Geraldine, Stefan and Chris also raced.
• January 30th saw a group of four participate in the Shinjuku Half. At 4 degrees but warmer in the sun, conditions were said to be “good.” The five who looped several times around the course were Padraig (in *another* PB of 1:36:47), Stan, Jaynie and Paul.
• Anthony ran 10k and Tadhg 5k in the hilly Inagi Green Verdi race on the 30th.
• Two of Namban’s elite women, Mika and Yoshiko, represented the club in the Osaka Women’s Marathon. Mika finished in 3:17:07 and Yoshiko in 3:17:25, but excellent times considering the extremely cold and windy conditions. In fact, Yoshiko said that it was the windiest marathon she has ever run, and she has run 34 of them!
• Attendance is up at the Wednesday evening training sessions in Yoyogi Park. We have gotten accustomed to our 1k+ loop and have had 30+ runners show up each week. If you’re in Tokyo, hope to see you there!


Key events to mark in your diary:

• 2 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 1000m x 6.
• 6 (Sun) Kanagawa Half. Chiba, Kylie, Juergen, Michael, Satoe, Mike, Owain, Tadhg
• 6 (Sun) Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon. Rie Onodera. One of the oldest and most prestigious marathons in Japan, allowing women to run for the first time. Watch it on TV!
• 9 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 3000m, 2000m, 1000m.
• 16 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 2000m, 1000m, 2000m, 1000m.
• 20 (Sun) Ome Marathon. Satohi, Chika, Anthony and Taeko (30k), Bob and Geraldine (10k).
• 23 (Wed) Namban workout. Yoyogi Park kiosk @7:25pm. 5000m time trial.
• 27 (Sun) Tokyo Marathon. The Big One. 20 Nambanners will run, many more will cheer. Clear weather, please!


Quiet winter lake
Ice chimes gently in the waves
Runner’s secret bliss
— Courtesy of Phil Ryan. Explanation available upon request to Phil or Bob.