• First, apologies for forgetting to mention the Shibuy Ekiden in January. Held on Jan. 15th in Yoyogi Park, it featured four Namban Rengo teams, who won a silver medal (Masters Men) and a bronze medal (Women). The Open team came in 8th and the Mixed team finished happily.
• On the 5th, Tsutomu Ishida, Chris Parry and Jay Johanessen ran and cycled in the Calfman Duathlon. Jay came in 43rd, the other two guys were faster….
• Also on the 5th was the Kanagawa Half & 10K, where Adrian Ringin ran a 47:52 10K PB. Thomas Sawada also ran the 10K, and Pat Higase and Laci Demko ran the Half.
• Feb. 19th was the 46th running of the Ome Marathon 30K and 10K. Sumie Kawakami (2:39), Yukari Murabara (2:42?) and Tom Boatman (?) ran the 30K. Bob Poulson and Yoshiko Katakura ran the 10K, Bob in 39:04 (4/703 age group men), Yoshiko in 43:04 (3/330 age group women).
• On the 19th in Wokinghamm, England, Rieko Trees ran a half marathon in 1:33.
• Across the pond in America, on the 25th, Joe Stowe ran the mile in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) championships. His time was 4:11, unfortunately the 11th fastest time (10 qualified for the final).
• And of course, the big one, the Tokyo Marathon on the 26th. A report with photos is to the right. Good weather this year, we luckily missed the snow and rain later in the week.


All Namban workouts at Oda Field from 7:25pm.
• 7 Namban workout 1000 x 6
• 11 Kyoto Marathon - 7 Nambanners will run.
• 14 Namban workout 600 1200 600 1200 600 1200 600
• 18 Vegetable Marathon Half/10K in Yumenoshima, Tokyo - 8 Nambanners will run.
• 21 Namban workout 600 800 1000 1200 1000 800 600
• 28 Namban workout 5000m time trial


The day we unite
Tokyo marathon slogan
Silly phrase…but true