• Looking farther back to January, the Osaka Women’s Marathon was on the 27th. Namban Rengo was represented by two strong runners, Aki Hoshino who ran 3:14:08, and Yoshiko Katakura who ran 3:19.55.
Also, Tetsuya Kato ran the SWAC 20K around the Palace in 1:36:10.
Tadhg Meany, rounding into form after injury, ran the Kanagawa 10K on the 3rd in 38:08. Frank Marsillo was in the Half (his 4th half in 4 weeks!) and finished in 1:36:20.
• In the UK, Brent Millican turned out for the St. Valentine’s Day 30K and used it as a Boston pace run in 2:08.
• One of the oldest and most popular races in Japan, the Ome Marathon (30K) was held on the 17th. Satohi Numasawa ran a new PB in 2:15:16. Anthony Kraft and Tom Boatman also ran the 30K.
• And the big one, the Tokyo Marathon, saw good weather (although very windy) on the 24th. 20 Nambanners took part, including Russ Stram, Ken Shimada, Carol Cunningham, Erek Speed and Daniel Seite from overseas. PBs (that I know of) were run by Philippe Boue (3:16:51), Padraig MacColgain (3:21:43) and Nick Coyle (4:09:39). The cheering contingent was large as well, and 50 people enjoyed the post-race party.
Raymond Wong was in Hong Kong on the 24th, running the Hong Kong Standard Chartared Half Marathon, which he finished in 1:27:6, good for 9th in his age group.


Namban workouts on Wednesday nights at Oda track from 7:25pm.
• 6 - 1000 x 6
• 13 - 1600 1200 1000 1000 800 400
• 20 - 600 800 1000 1200 1000 800 600
• 27 - 5000m time trial


Many people run
Not for training; chasing hats
The March winds are here