MARCH 2011



America has its 9/11, Japan now has its 3/11, the day the Tohoku earthquake struck. This event profoundly affected, and continues to affect, everyone in Japan, and for that matter, around the world. Namban Rengo responded with a charity run held on March 19th to raise funds for the people of Tohoku. More than 80 Nambanners and friends came together and raised 692,000 yen, which was donated to the Japan Red Cross.

While those of us in Tokyo and the rest of Japan are fortunate to have escaped the worst of nature’s fury, one effect of the disaster has been the cancellation of virtually every race in eastern Japan in March and April. Hopefully by the fall season things will be back to normal, at least as far as racing goes.


The only news then, concerns overseas races.

• On March 20, Bob Poulson ran the Los Angeles Marathon, finishing 2nd in his age group in 3:10:55. By some freak of nature, the Tokyo and LA marathons switched weather this year, Tokyo being fine and LA cold, rainy and windy. In fact, LA was pounded with the most rain in one day in its history. You just never know what’s going to happen on the day of a marathon….
• Looking ahead this month, the 17th will see Satohi Numasawa and Carol Cunningham in London for one of the world’s great marathons. Good luck to them!


Even though ground moves
Even though lights grow dimmer
Runners persevere