MAY 2015



  • The first big race of May was the Sendai Half Marathon on the 10th. A group of Nambanners enjoyed a nice excursion to Sendai thanks to the wonderful planning of Satohi. On a beautiful day for running, our results were good: Takeshi Koide 1:28, Yuichi Kanamori 1:28, Dante Michael 1:31, Chika Kanai 1:35, Satohi Numasawa 1:39, Yoshiro Morioka 1:42, Taeko Hara 1:49, Bob Poulson 1:49, Akiko Murayama 2:00 (husband Itaru 1:42), Kazuo Chiba ??.
  • The Nobeyama 100K was held on the 17th, and Yuichi Kanamori, who had apparently used Sendai as a warmup race, ran it in 11:24:05. Rie Onodera also finished, in 12:23:12. Both great performances!
  • On that same day, Teruyuki Minegishi also ran an ultra, the Onaishi Tama River 50K, which he completed in 4:17:56. Out near Mt. Fuji, Bob Johnston ran the very hilly Fuji Susono Half Marathon and in his first attempt at the distance, recorded a credible 1:54:45. And finally, Eric Lebrasseur took part in the Doshimura 42.5km Trail Race, which had 3,300m of elevation gain, finishing 50th out of 458 (about 500 didn’t finish at all) in 6:58:11. Martin Verdier was at the same race, which he completed in 9:18 off very little training!
  • May 24th was the running of the popular TELL Charity Runathon 5&10K, held this year along the banks of the Tamagawa river. Thanks go to the large group of club members who turned out to support TELL. For details, see the story to the right.


Wednesday night workouts are at Oda Field track from 7:30pm.

  • 3 - 1000 x 6
  • 10 - 1200, 1000, 800, 1200, 1000, 800
  • 17 - 400 (warmup), 1200/600 x 3 (short rest after 1200, longer after 600)
  • 24 - 5000m time trial


After the cold winds
Before the rainy season…
Enjoy ev’ry run!