JUNE 2011



• Satohi Numasawa, Adrian Ringin, Laci Demko and Harrisson Uk flew to Sapporo, then drove out into the countryside for the Biei Healthy Marathon on the 12th. Harrisson, Laci and Adrian ran the Half in 1:28:20, 1:45:16 and 1:54:38, respectively, and Satohi placed 3rd in the 1/8th marathon in 22:09.
• Carol Cunningham ran the Christchurch Marathon on the 12th, finishing in 3:21 with a negative split! Great that she went there to help support Christchurch, which is still suffering the after-effects of the big earthquake.
• A group of 8 Nambanners ran and biked in the Oshima Duathlon on the 12th. Jay Johannesen placed 12th out of 250 in 2:07:11 (4th with handicap) and had the fastest 5K in 17:12. Kimm Seunghoi was 22nd in 2:09:38, Reza Alwadeen was 25th in 2:10:22, Stan Chow was 36th in 2:14:25 and Mika Tokairin was 3rd woman (1st with handicap) in 2:21:51. Also Kylie Breeze, David Rubenstein and Caroline Tien placed 2nd overall (!) in the relay in 2:16:42.
• Padraig Harrington traveled back to the Ould Sod for the Dublin Docklands 8K on the 21st. It was worth the trip, as he finished in 35:04, 15th out of 121 in his age group and 206th out of 2,100 overall.
• Christian Butzek and Nathalie Darbon left Japan on the 22nd, to Toronto and Hong Kong. Both were very strong runners, we hope they continue to improve (Christian ran PBs of 2:47 marathon in April and 16:20 5K in May).
• Keren Miers and Geraldine Nogami participated in the Gamagori (Aichi pref.) Olympic Distance Triathlon on the 26th. Keren placed 6th in his age group in 2:39:41 and Geraldine won hers in 3:20:55.
• Alex Fluery ran a barefoot marathon on a beach in northern Denmark in 3:55:32, placing 26th out of 172.


All Namban workouts at Oda Field from 7:25pm.
• 6 (Wed) Namban workout. A & B: 1000 x 6.
Bob’s One Point Advice: What kind of training should I do?
• 13 (Wed) Namban workout. A & B: 400, 1000, 1200, 1200,1000, 800, 400. Bob’s One Point Advice: Effective core exercises.
• 17 (Sun) Obuse Half Marathon. About 9 Nambanners will enter.
• 20 (Wed) Namban workout. A & B: 400 x 12 (3 sets of 4).
• 27 (Wed) Namban workout. 5000m time trial.


No more cool running
Over thirty every day
Who turned on the heat?