JUNE 2015



  • Actually, May, as we start with two races held on the 31st. Brett Larner, Mika Tokairin and Mika Kume traveled all the way to South Africa for the famous Comrades Ultra Marathon. They had a fantastic time and finished the 87km uphill route in 9:21, 9:51 and 11:38 (cutoff 12 hours). On the same day, Chih Liew also ran an ultra, the Mt. Hiei 50km Trail Run, which he completed in 9:27:57. That’s up a mountain in hot weather!
  • On the 6th, Colin Hickey ran the Shibamata (Tokyo) 100K in 9:21, with the last 5k being the fastest!
  • Another 100K on the 7th (this is turning into a club of ultra runners), as Derek Leong was up in beautiful Hida Takayama, where he recorded a 10:43:49.
  • Also on the 7th, Nick Coyle ran an ordinary 42.195k race, the Chitose Marathon, in 4:12:35.
  • And Bob Johnston participated in the Tamagawa Half Marathon Grand Prix, finishing in a PB of 1:42:42.
  • Meanwhile, at the Palace, Caroline Ross, Mandy Malone and Taras Koochin were running the Challenge Kokyo 10K. It was hot, but they enjoyed it.
  • Back to trail races on the 14th, as Eric Lebrasseur, Lawrence Schneck and Yukiko Shimada took on the Yaeyama Trail Race (38km). Eric ran 4:42:16 for 34th out of 489 and 9th AG, Lawrence ran 5:11:39 for 8th, and Yukiko was 5:54:23, good for 2nd in the under 39 AG.
  • At the Harriers Summer Track Meet on the 14th, Mike Rayner and Padraig MacColgain ran the 5,000m ub 19:02 and 19:31, taking 2nd and 4th in Group 3.
  • The Norikura Tenku Marathon on the 20th saw Yuichi Kanamori, Taro Oguchi and Rie Onodera participating. Yuichi finished the 23k race in 2:20:19.


Wednesday night workouts are at Oda Field track from 7:30pm.

  • 1 - 1000 x 6
  • 8 - 400 800 1000 1200 1000 800 600
  • 15 - 400 (warmup), 1200/600 x 3 (short rest after 1200, longer after 600 – run 600s hard!!)
  • 22 - 400 x 12 or 10 or 8 (groups of 8-10 people, a different person leads each one for the first 200, longer rest after half)
  • 29 - 5000m time trial


The crows in the park

Circle slowly in the heat

Like my track workout.