JULY 2013



Brett Larner was an invited runner at the Gold Coast Marathon on the 6th, and finished at his goal time of 2:55.
• Obuse used to be a popular Namban race but now that it’s almost impossible to get in only Bernard Plagge was able to make it there on the 14th. He ran an excellent 1:27:41 to finish 5th in his age group and 76th overall.
• Then on the 14th…the 66th race up Mt. Fuji. Namban was represented by Yukiko Kurihara, Rie Onodera, Eric Lebrasseur and, all the way from Belgium, Olivier Magritte. The temperature was 26C at the 9:00 start, so that made it tough. Oh, and you have to run up Mt. Fuji. Yukiko was the star of the day, running all the way to the top in 3:58 to win her age division and finish as 11th woman!! Rie was a ways behind her in 4:??. Eric ran up to the 5th station in 1:53:41, 152nd out of 1705, while Olivier started at the back and passed many 100s to finish in 2:18:17, good for 686th.
Raymond Wong traveled out to Okumusashi (west of Tokyo) on the 28th for a 78km ultramarathon. The first 48km were uphill! He went up at 31 mins for 5k, down at 28 mins (in the heat), to finish in 7:24:08, ranking him 99th out of 1600. Well done!


Namban workouts on Wednesday nights at Oda track from 7:25pm.
7 - 1000 x 6
14 - 1200 1200 1000 1000 800 800
21 - 400 x 12 (A), 400 x 12 or 10 (B), 400 x 10 (C)
28 - 5000m time trial


August means hot rays
Run, sweat, run, sweat, run, sweat, run
August means summer!