• Late news: back in July, David Motozo Rubenstein and Mika Tokairin were in Roth, Germany for the Ironman distance Roth Challenge Triathlon. David finished in 11:26:11, an over 30 minute PB. Mika broke 12 hours, beating many men in the process! They were happy to be cheered on the course by Joachim and Christiane.
• Also in Tri news, Namban Rengo was represented by four 3-person teams in the Numazu Triathlon Ekiden on Aug. 4. Each person had to swim 750m, bike 20K and run 5K. The A team of Chad Clark, Mika Tokairin and Kimm Seunghoi captured 3rd place in the mixed division in a time of 3:53. The C team of Keren Miers, Antoine Hamelin and Greg Stevens finished 14 minutes behind them, in 38th place overall. Next was the B team of Stan Chow, Akiko Murayama and Ma Rowen in 4:33 (96th), followed by the D team of Jon Morrell, Jay Johannesen and Suni Kim in 103rd. Also, in the individual event, Chris Parry was 9th in his division despite a broken toe!
• After setting the British 50-54 mile record last month, Mike Trees traveled to Turin for the World Master Games and won the M50 1500m in 4:15. Congratulations, Mike!
• Back to Tri action (August is triathlon month!), Stan Chow, Keren Miers and David Rubenstein were in Aizu, Fukushima Pref, for an Olympic distance tri on the 25th. It was a successful trip, as all three set PBs: Stan 2:17:29, Keren 2:17:48 and David 2:20:54. And Keren was 2nd in his age group!


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