MARCH 2015



March began with a big race on the 8th, the Nagoya Marathon, where Anna Novick ran 3:01:50 and Pat Higase recorded a 3-minute PB in 4:05:38, even with leg cramps.

  • The popular mountain race, Oyama Tozan saw Keren Miers come in 6th in his age group. Philippe Boue and Nick Coyle also fought their way to the top.
  • Also on the 8th, Chris Winter ran the Odawara Half Marathon in 1:15:01, placing 6th in his age group.
  • At the Koga Hanamomo Marathon on the 15th, Bernard Plagge timed 3:19:53, Padraig MacColgain 3:34:13 and Yosuke Kimura 4:00. Thomas Sawada…made it. In the 10K, Sam Sorkin ran a big PB of 40:19 and Taeko Hara finished in 48:13.
  • On the same day, Brett Whiteoak went sub-3 in the expensive (¥15,000) Yokohama Marathon in 2:59, Lawrence Schneck came back from injury in 3:08:23, Yuichi Kanamori ran 3:13:21 and Madeleine Chadwick posted a great 3:29:23.
  • Saturday the 21st saw 12 Nambanners in western Tokyo for the Tamako Ekiden. The Open teams finished 15th and 25th out of 266 teams, and the Masters team was 5th out of 15. The 12 were Kota, Steve, Dante, Arnaud, Gildas, Alan, Harrisson, Derek, Jose, Keren, Terry and Sam.
  • Meanwhile, Eric Lebrasseur was running 10 times as far (72.5km) in the Izu Trial race, which he finished in 9:08:58, good for 65th out of 1,500.
  • And on the Arakawa, Jenene Marks and Yukiko Shimada ran the Arakawa Sakura 10K, in 40:08 and 44:37, respectively, for 1st and 3rd. Congratulations!
  • On the 22nd, three Namban members ran the Itabashi Marathon: Yuichi Kanamori in 3:14:08 (one week after his 3:13), Rie Onodera in a fast 3:14:26, and Naoko Hanakawa made her marathon debut in a satisfying 3:58.
  • Also on the 22nd, there was good weather for the big (5,000 runners) Omotesando Women’s 10K, where Pat Higase ran 48:36 and Celine Bouny raced to a PB of 57:42. Also running were Tomoko Sawada, Taeko Hara and Rui Natsuka. Lucky man Phil Ryan was the center of attention as the Master of Ceremonies.
  • On the same day, Richard Bysouth was down in Shikoku for the Tokushima Marathon, where he managed a 3:43 despite not much training. He highly recommends this race.
  • More races! The Nerima Kobushi Half was on the 29th, where Gildas Tuffin powered to a 1:21:22 for 24th in his age group, Derek Leong fought through a side stitch to finish in 1:24:12, the tireless Yuichi Kanamori 1:27:09 and Marcus Kosins 1:44:36.
  • Down in Yokohama, Satohi Numasawa ran a local 10K in 43:59, placing 3rd among women.


  • And last but not least, Teruyuki Minegishi finally got back under 3:20 with a 3:19:17 at the Sakura Marathon in Chiba.

    Wednesday night workouts are at Oda Field track from 7:30pm.

    • 1 - 1000 x 6
    • 8 - 600 800 1000 1200 1000 800 600
    • 15 - 1200 1200 1000 1000 800 400
    • 22 - 1600 1200 1000 800 600 400
    • 29 - 5000m time trial


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