Tamako Ekiden

This low-key ekiden is held on the first day of Japanese spring, a national holiday (Mar 21 in 2011). There are Men’s, Women’s and Masters teams, of four runners each.
2011 will be the first time on a new course, so not sure how it is, but in any case, it goes around Tama-ko (reservoir), so will be a pleasant run.

* Close. About 35 minutes from Takadanobaba (Yamanote line), a short walk from Musashi Yamato station. We can even meet in the Starbucks inside Seibu Shinjuku Takadanobaba Station.
* Friendly, but with some very good runners. The whole event has a very comfortable feel to it.
* Starting times and teams:
9:00am: Men’s/Mixed teams (women can join) - distance: 7.242Km x 4 legs
9:20am: Women’s teams (men can’t join) - distance: 2.407km x 4
9:20am: Master’s teams (Over 180 total ages) - distance: 2.407km x 4
* Fee: 8,000 yen per team
* Deadline January 31st
* In the past, the giveaway was not a T-shirt that you don’t want or need, but something that
changes every year, and that has included day-glo pink and green woolen gloves and other oddities.

We have had some successful intra-club races on this course, and our women’s teams have a long history of success.

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