19 Nambanners Run for Charity


The TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) Charity Runathon was held on May 2, with over 1,000 participants, including 19 from Namban Rengo. This is the largest number the race has ever had, attributable to perfect weather, a reputation for great prizes, and word of mouth about what a nice event it is.

And thanks to Nike, this year the giveaway T-shirts were great! Over ¥4 million was raised for TELL.
Nambanners made a great showing, with 10 club members placing in the top ten in their division.

Women’s 5K
Chika Kanai 5th 21:15
Eriko Toki 7th 22:51

Men’s 5K
Jason Lawrence 1st 15:27 (smashing the race record)
Brett Larner 4th 16:17
Omar Minami 7th 16:37


Women’s 10K
Yuri Kanbara 1st 38:57
Rie Onodera 3rd 41:46
Mika Tokairin 4th 43:45
Yuka Shigihara 8th 48:42
Wendy Kelder 9th 48:43
(Taeko Hara and James Midgley were 11th in the 10K races…hard luck!)


Thanks to Joachim Dirks for the great photos.