24 Nambanners Enjoy the Tamako Ekiden

After a day of rain on Thursday the 20th, Friday fortunately brought blue skies (plus strong wind) for the Tamako Ekiden. 24 club members traveled 40 minutes out the Seibu Shinjuku line to the Tamako (Lake Tama) reservoir, where teams of four ran 7.242km (hope that’s precise enough for you) legs around the lake (women ran a 2.4km course). We fielded 5 men’s teams and one women’s team, all of whom did well. Out of 362 teams, our men were 15th, 27th, 34th, 40th and 110th. The women were 5th out of 16. Top honors for times went to Mark Callon in 25:27, Fabian Dubois in 25:57 and Rie Onodera in 9:55. Best of all, every person was pleased with their performance, and had an enjoyable time. Thanks to David Murakami Wood for organizing our teams.