29th Frostbite Half Marathon

Sunday 17th January, 2010 saw the running of the 29th Frostbite Half Marathon. It’s held in Yokoka Air Force base in western Tokyo. Eight club members ran the race officially, although a few others were spotted on the course but appeared to be running under cover. The organisers of the event – Yokoto Striders – helped squeeze of few Nanban runners in with only a few days notice which was much appreciated. Conditions were perfect, a little chilly, calm and the sun was shining. The course is run in and around an airfield and as a result is very flat. In a rare case, the race had to start 30 minutes early, some jet was due to land and wasn’t waiting for backmarkers.

A number of PBs were recorded on what – at least according to a number of GPS devices – was a course shy about 200-300 meters of the official 21.1k. No reason not to celebrate them, but that’s what was recorded. There was a great lively atmosphere around the base. Huge BBQ grills were working overtime to cook burgers and hotdogs for the 10,000 or so runners and their supporters who turned up.

Yoshitaka: 1:20:10 (PB)
Paddy: 1:21:14 (PB)
Lars: 1:29:00 (PB)
Jon: 1:30:09 (PB)
Yoshiko: 1:32:22
Keren: 1:42:37
Phil: 1:43:10
Geraldine: 2:06:46