6th Obuse MiNi Marathon - REPORT

After two years of relative respite from the heat, it was business as usual at a hot Obuse, Nagano Prefecture. The increasingly popular Half Marathon took place on Sunday July 20. It was overcast but warm when the race started at 7:20am. By 9:00am, as the bulk of competitors were crossing the finish line, most of the clouds had burnt off and temperatures must have been near 30C. This year over 6,000 runners took part and other than long queues for toilets, the organisers seemed to cope quite well with the numbers. 22 Nambanners and friends of the club participated this year.


The overall winning male finished in 1:10:19. The winning female in 1:27:21. More due the weather than the course, Obuse is not considered a good race for a Half Marathon PB. However, Paddy O’Connor ran a best time of 1:24, a 4+min improvement and Rie Onodera ran a 1:36, a 1min improvement.

Result Summary

01:21 Gerard Robb
01:24 Paddy O’Connor
01:29 Fabrizio Raponi
01:32 Mark Dyson
01:32 Teruyuki Minegishi
01:34 Jin Daikoku
01:36 Rie Onodera
01:42 Chika Kanai
01:43 Colin Fulton
01:45 Leng Leng
01:46 John Holmes
01:50 Arnaud de Herryon
01:53 Christiane Lange
01:53 Joachim Dirks
01:53 Tamami
01:56 Ivan Cattani
01:57 Yuka Shigihara
02:05 Mariko
02:07 Gary Chandler
02:07 Mami Chandler
02:08 Kazuo Chiba
02:51 Daniel Seite