7th Obuse MiNi Marathon - REPORT


19th July 2009

A total of 15 club members took part in the 7th Obuse MiNi marathon. The half marathon saw a record 7,500 runners compete this year. Despite being very overcast when the team left central Nagano at 5am, as the race was about to start at 7:30 the heat of the sun had rapidly burned through most of the protective cloud cover. This made for a tough start as runners made their way into the only real uphill section, between 4-6km. Thankfully after about 40 minutes some clouds re-appeared above the course which helped reduce the temperature, even if just a little.

As usual there was incredible support all along the course, with water/sports drink stations almost every kilometer. Not to mention the various local fruits, juices and wines on offer too. The race route saw some minor alterations this year, the main one being the removal of the large loop near the end. All race veterans agreed this was a welcome improvement. Another common sight were the water fountains near the finish which again were packed as competitors did their best to cool-down after another tough but very enjoyable mid-summer Obuse race.

Paddy O’Connor 1:24
Teruyuki Minegishi 1:30
David Motozo Rubenstein 1:36
Simon Fisher 1:36
Chad Clark 1:39
Phil Ryan 1:44
Megumi Hirasawa 1:46
Hiroshi Sase 1:51
Taeko Hara 1:53
Wendy Kelder 1:55
Ma Siu Fong 1:57
Gary Chandler 1:58
Kazuo Chiba 2:10
Geraldine Nogami 2:21
Daniel Seite: 2:31

Photos with thanks to Mami Chandler