90+ Enjoy Annual Run & BBQ

Unlike last year, for this year’s Namban Rengo Run & BBQ (Nov. 6), we got the beautiful weather we deserve. A strong wind was in our faces on the return 5K, but what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. 90+ runners, helpers and family members gathered on the banks of the Tama River to run, cheer, eat and of course drink. 44 ran the 10K and 17 went the half marathon distance. Winners were Yuki Fukushima (36:48) and Rie Onodera (46:03) in the 10K, and Masaki Kusunoki (1:24:40) and Marie Gras (1:32:57) in the Half. And the always popular kids’ race saw new Namban stars emerge. Huge thanks to Chiba-san for flawless organization, and to the enthusiastic volunteers, too numerous to mention. A great time was had by all!!