Baked Vegetable Marathon (5k and 10k)

On July 16th a group of Nambanners braved the heat to participate in the second “vegetable marathon” (5k and 10k, no half-marathon this time) in Yumenoshima. The weather was pretty brutal, over 30 degrees essentially the whole time races were happening, and there was practically no cloud cover until the end of the final race. At several points race volunteers threw or sprayed water over the runners, which helped a little.

Bernd Plagge finished 27th in the over-forty 10k race, with Chris Parry following fast behind at 35th. Under the watchful eye of superpoodle Prince Pari, Jon, Tamami, Chika, Naoko, Anthony, Thomas, and Adrian also made the trip to Yumenoshima to run and many reported it was one of the toughest races they had ever participated in. This was a day where just finishing was an achievement, never mind getting a PB.

Photo: Adrian Ringin