James and Satohi Take to the Trails


James Midgely and Satohi Numasawa, who love trail running, participated in the Ome Takamizu 15km trail race in western Tokyo on April 1st. This beautiful course is only about 60 minutes by train from Shinjuku, promising fresh air, lots of green and flowers, and perhaps even a wild animal or two. The race course this year was a bit longer and a bit harder, starting from 260m above sea level and going up to 436m. It was a beautiful day with sakura (cherry blossoms) appearing here and there. However, the wind was cold, so deciding what to wear was a big challenge. James and Satohi were very relaxed before the start, decided their goal times, and were both happy to finish faster than expected, even though James fell and twisted his ankle. Afterwards, they enjoyed a hot spring bath, a ramen lunch, and a cold beer (or two, or….)
Results: James 1:24:00; Satohi 1:31:07 - 5th overall women’s division