Namban race to Mt. Fuji summit

mt. fuji

Several Nambanners participated in the grueling Mt Fuji race held on July 22. Billed as one of Japan toughest half-marathons, the full summit race features a course that starts in front of Fuji-Yoshida city hall (750m altitude). The 21km route follows a road with a gradual incline for the first 11.4km, a steeper forest trail for 5km to 5th station (2,200m altitude) and then a non-runnable volcanic trail to the top of Mt. Fuji (3,776m altitude).

Full summit finishers within the 4:30 time limit included: Yoshi (3:19), Michael (3:43), Harrisson (4:18), Stan (4:18) and Wojtek (4:24). Rie was ever-so close missing the cut-off by just 6 minutes (4:36). Finishers were able to enjoy gorgeous clear views on a beautiful day from the highest point in Japan while vowing never to do the race again. There was also a “shorter” but still tough 15km race that started on the same route but stopped at 5th station. Namban finishers included Yukiko (2:06) and Laci (2:24). Several finishers were also spotted “relaxing” the very next day at the Namban Kamakura run/beach party.