Namban Rengo Half Marathon and 10K Race and BBQ


We had a fantastic turnout for the innagural Annual Half Marathon and 10K Race and BBQ on Sunday November 1 down by the Arakawa river near Akabane, in the North of Tokyo.  Perhaps it was the lure of a BBQ cookup by the river afterwards, but the event proved wildy popular, with 30 runners in the 10k race, 22 runners in the half marathon, and almost 70 people joining the post-race BBQ.  Thanks to everyone who joined for making it such a fantastic and memorable day out.  And to everyone who missed out this time - never mind, we will be doing it again no doubt.

Over 50 runners lined up for the start, as both half marathon and 10k races started together racing 5km out and back along the Arakawa cycle path.  Half runners then hunkered down for a more lonely second lap + alpha.  Despite the very hot conditions and lack of competition compared to bigger races, we had some fantastic performances.

Winning times:

10K Mens:
  1st - Mike 35:40:01
  2nd - Jay 37:34:34
  3rd - Juergen 39:16:69

10K Womens:
  1st - Lynne 42:06:16
  2nd - Masako 43:30:33
  3rd - Taeko 47:54:33

Half Marathon Men’s:
  1st - Mattheus 1:20:56
  2nd - Yoshitaka 1:25:28
  3rd - Terri 1:28:30

Half Marathon Womens:
  1st - Rie 1:32:49
  2nd - Meg 1:36:37
  3rd - Mika 1:39:51

And special “Ganbarisho” prizes to Sase (1:48:54) and Hitomi (2:02:26)