Namban score a PB Hat Trick at Watarse Half Marathon


A small group of Nambanners made their way to Watarase for the inaugural Smile Half Marathon earlier today. Watarase is located in the far north of Saitama where it borders Tochigi, Ibaraki and Gunma prefs.  The course is three loops around a large reservoir. It’s a great location — very green and tranquil. It is pancake flat on a good tarmac surface and based on GPS readings is very accurate.

For late September conditions were quite good. There was little or no wind, was dry, overcast, but the temperatures still reached the 22-25c range with relatively high humidity. A guess on the total field was about 1,000. The winning time was 1:12. This is an excellent little race which is worth thinking about next year.

Finishing times/positions
Paddy O’Connor 1:21:17 (PB) – 11th overall
Tsutomu Ishida 1:21:25 (PB) – 4th in age group (40+)
Jon Morrell 1:36:06
Jon Holmes 1:36:39 18th in age group (50+)
Padraig MacColgain 1:44:30 (PB)
Tamami Koike 1:46:20 7th in age group (40+)


Photos courtesy of Akiko MacColgain