Nambanners Everywhere at the Tokyo Marathon


Namban Rengo was out in force at the Tokyo Marathon, with 35 members running and many more cheering at various places along the course, which really is a big help. The runners included six who came from overseas for the event: Carol, Caroline, Reza, Daniel, Wojtek and Gerard. It was a great day for a marathon, cloudy and about 7C/45F, but it didn’t feel cold and thankfully there was only a very slight wind. Namban was led by new member Chikara Omine with a 2:37:30, followed by “mountain runner” Gerard Robb in 2:46, a great effort by Harrisson Uk in 2:48, and just-turned-40 Dan Newman in 2:52. But everyone did well…and everyone thinks they can do better next time, which is what racing is all about. And of course, this being Namban Rengo, the party afterwards was awesome. It also served as a farewell bash for Kylie, who will be greatly missed.