Nambanners Reap Rewards at Oshima Triathlon 08

The Oshima Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim/40km bike/10km run) was held on Saturday June 7 on the beautiful island of Oshima off the Izu coast. Eight Nambanners were joined in the race by Bevan and Vanessa Colless from Tokyo Physio, while accompanying supporters swelled the ranks of the traveling party to 15. Chris Flanaghan (6th) and Vanessa (3rd woman) had podium finishes, while Anthony Zellar made an incident-filled triathlon debut.

All competitors commented on the toughness of the 1.5-km swim leg, characterized as it was by a rocky start (literally), big swell, and currents. The 40-km bike leg seemed to suit everybody much better, though the rolling course saw speeds fluctuate between sustained periods of 25 and 60 km/h. The bike leg held mixed fortunes for debutant Anthony as he vomited during the transition from the swim, fell off the bike and banged his head mid leg, dropped fuel gels, and lost his drink container ... and still managed to finish ahead of his target time!


The out and back 10-km run leg along the coast was relatively smooth apart from tiring bodies and rolling hills that the racers found harder going without two wheels under them. The run also saw a tough battle between seasoned campaigner Keren Meirs and young upstart David Motozo Rubenstein. David was first across the line, but crafty old Keren won on net time.

Congratulations to all.

Result Summary
Chris Flanaghan: 2:12:40, 6th overall
Bevan Colless: 2:19:25, 21st overall
Vanessa Colless: 2:29:59, 46th overall, 3rd woman
David Rubenstein: 2:27:48, 42nd overall, 41st man
Stuart Macintosh: 2:35:46, 72nd overall, 66th man
Gerard Frahill: 2:39:25, 88th overall, 82nd man
Anthony Zellor: 2:43:33, 109th overall, 101st man
Mika Tokairin: 2:44:21, 110th overall, 9th woman
Mary Eckstein: 2:49:21 128th overall, 12th woman
Keren Meirs: 2:26:38 39th overall, 38th man