Taiwan Half Ironman


On November 3rd, the Namban horde invaded, ravaged, and conquered the innocent southern shores of Formosa, capturing several podium finishes and devouring 10s of thousands of calories at the famous Yoho bike hotel. Their tales and adventures including the Taiwan 70.3 half Ironman race (1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.2km run) are detailed below.

Bevan Colless, 4:43, 2nd in age group (AG), 37th overall/1200
Seunghoi Kim, 4:50, 10th in AG
Vanessa Colless, 4:52, 2nd in AG, 2nd overall non-pro female
Stan Chow, 5:09, 19th in AG
David Rubenstein, 5:24, 19th in AG
Jay Johannesen, 5:32, 27th in AG
Mika Kume, 5:55, 1st in AG
Mary Eckstein Mary, 6:05, 2nd in AG

Race Reports:
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