Tokyo Marathon 2011 — Amazingly Good Weather

With a reputation for horrible weather conditions and a forecast of rain in the days leading up to it, the Tokyo Marathon surprised this year with clear, sunny skies. If anything, it was too warm, as temperatures climbed to 18C/64F. 24 Nambanners took to the streets of the capital, packed with 30,000 runners and who knows how many spectators. Our numbers were down by about half this year, as 300,000 applicants made getting a spot much less likely. The Namban cheering troop was also out in force, with several groups criss-crossing the city to lend support in various spots.

We had several PBs, a few good marathon debuts, and best of all, everyone finished with no major injuries, just the usual aches and pains (even though the weather was nice, the course was still 42.195km). It was nice to see Joachim and Christiane from China and Carol from Australia. We also welcomed a friendly group of seven from Golden Legs Running in Chicago to our traditional post-race bash.

Big thanks to Meg for the photos

Now that’s good running form! Photo taken by Bob at the 6k point