Jikei Iidai

Jikei Iidai, a university in Shimbashi, counts among its facilities a major public hospital with an excellent sports clinic. If you have had trouble getting an injury properly diagnosed, this may be the place you should visit next. The doctors there are true sports medicine specialists, a “fitness testing” facility with Cybex equipment and running machines is operated for further diagnosis, and English is spoken by at least one of the doctors on staff. Note, however, that the doctors on staff seem to have demanding teaching and other responsibilities, so they only work in the sports clinic on a part-time basis. Beyond diagnosis and a treatment plan, you shouldn’t expect to receive a lot of follow up attention.

Where: Shimbashi

Tel: 03-3433-1111

Hours: Contact the facility for doctors’ hours

Reservations: First-time patients are attended to on a first-come, first-serve basis. Aim to arrive at the clinic before 8:00 a.m. when the reception opens. If you request to be treated at the sports clinic, you may be first directed to the general orthopaedic department. In that case it may be worth seeking “gaijin immunity” and innocently wandering down to the Sports Clinic.

Web site: www.jikei.ac.jp/hospital/honin

English: Expect little assistance in English at the reception desk, payment window, X-ray department, etc. But inside the Sports Clinic, Dr. Kono speaks more than passable English.

National Health Insurance: Yes (but note that unless you have a referral from another clinic, Jikei Iidai charges a one-time fee of 3,000 yen from each new patient).

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