Physio Center

State-of-the-art facility with excellent staff. Terapi Master equipment and various digital imaging, including dynamic footprint imaging, are used to diagnose the source of misalignment and muscular-skeletal imbalances. Two runners with long-term injuries who were unable to receive proper diagnosis and treatment elsewhere in Tokyo have commented positively on the course of treatment they received from the Physio Center.

Though not focused only on sports injuries, the Physio Center is operated like a hybrid medical clinic-sports club. Patients pay a monthly membership fee, which entitles them to use the facility any time. Available equipment includes Cybex strength equipment, stationary bicycles, stretch balls, etc. An additional fee is charged for hour-long one-on-one physiotherapy sessions.

While not the best option for straightforward running injuries, the Physio center may be the best option in Japan for runners with postural misalignment problems requiring relentless long-term physiotherapy to correct.

Where: Toranomon 3-7-14 Minato-ku (closest station: Kamiyacho)

Tel: 03-6402-7755

Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Reservations: Required

English: Little English spoken

National Health Insurance: No

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